Medical Imaging is a department of the College of Medicine. It also is an integral element of the Saskatoon Health Region.

We focus on two major goals:

  • providing medical imaging services; and 
  • training radiology residents.

We also participate in training opportunities for medical, dental, nursing, technology and postgraduate learners. A broad range of research activities are also being pursued by faculty, postgraduate students and residents.

The Department of Medical Imaging Services within Saskatoon Health Region is committed to improving the healthcare of patients by providing excellence in diagnostic imaging and treatment.
We are dedicated in setting standards of excellence of radiological care and training of personnel including residents, appropriateness criteria, clinical and imaging protocols, and outcome expectations.
We promote scientific inquiry among its members for the advancement of imaging through clinical research, basic biomedical research and technology assessment, and clinical practice guidelines and outcomes research.
Our goals are that its members provide comprehensive diagnostic imaging by the most appropriate radiological evaluation and thus deliver the highest professional quality of care with optimal patient outcomes.


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