Graduate programs

Programs Offered and Additional Information

Degrees Offered:

Master of Science (M.Sc.) and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

Admission Procedures:

If you are interested in applying for graduate programs in pharmacology, you must first find a Department Professor who agrees to be your Supervisor. Once you have found a Supervisor, information on registration will be provided. DO NOT REGISTER ON-LINE prior to obtaining registration instructions from the Department.

Program of Study:

Research opportunities are available in the following areas: cell growth regulation and cancer chemotherapy, cardiovascular and endocrine pharmacology, clinical pharmacology, drug metabolism and pharmacokinetics, neurochemistry, neuropharmacology and psychopharmacology.

Admission Qualifications:

Students applying for graduate programs in pharmacology should have a strong background in basic medical sciences which include one or more courses in biochemistry, physiology, cell biology, microbiology or pathology. Students lacking these pre-requisite courses may take remedial courses to strengthen their background, with the approval of the Graduate Chair.

Minimum Credit Units Required:

  • Master's: 9 credit units, plus PCOL 990, 994
  • Ph.D.: 12 credit units, plus PCOL 990, 996
  • Transfer from Master's to Ph.D.: 9 credit units (M.Sc.), plus 3 additional credit units, plus PCOL 990, 996

Core Courses: PCOL 850.6, 990, 994, 996
Elective Courses: PCOL 832.6, 843.6, 851.3, 853.3, 854.3, 856.6, 868.3, 898.3, 899.6
Exam Requirements: Oral Comprehensive Exam
Estimated time to completion: M.Sc.: 2 years; Ph.D.: 4 years


Please direct all graduate study inquiries to the Graduate Chair, Department of Pharmacology, Room 2D01 Health Sciences Building, 107 Wiggins Road, Saskatoon, SK S7N 5E5 CANADA.

Policies and Procedures:

The Department supports the objectives of the College of Graduate Studies & Research and falls under their umbrella in regards to policies and procedures for the graduate programs offered. Detailed information and policies and procedures for graduate programs at the University of Saskatchewan may be reviewed on the website for the College of Graduate Studies and Research, and the University Course Calendar.