Nigel West

Professor, Department of Physiology

Ph.D., Department of Zoology, University of British Columbia

B.Sc., (Special Honours) Department of Zoology, University of Bristol, 1970

Teaching Interests

Cardiovascular and respiratory physiology

Research Interests

Evolution of vertebrate respiratory and cardiovascular control systems

Cardiovascular and respiratory responses to hypoxia

Control of periodic breathing

Research Funding

NSERC – Cardiovascular and Respiratory Control in Non-Mammalian vertebrates

Selected Publications to 2004

Books, Chapters in Books, expository and Review Articles:

Smith, F.M., West, N.H. and Jones, D.R.  2000.  The cardiovascular system.  In:  Sturkie’s Avian Physiology, Fifth edition, edited by G.C. Whittow.  Academic Press, San Diego, London.  Pp 141-223.

Papers in Refereed Journals:

Reid, S.G. and West, N.H. 2004. Modulation of breathing by phasic pulmonary stretch receptor feedback in an amphibian, Bufo marinus.

Respir Physiol Neurobiol 142:165-83.

West, N.H., McCulloch, P.F. and Browne, P.M. 2001.  Facial immersion bradycardia in teenagers and adults accustomed to swimming.  Autonomic Neuroscience: Basic and Clinical 94: 109-116.

Reid, S.G., Milsom, W.K., Meier, J.T., Munns, S. and West, N.H.  2000.  Pulmonary vagal modulation of ventilation in toads (Bufo marinus).  Resp. Physiol. 120:213-230.

Southwood, A.L., Andrews, R.D., Lutcavage, M.E., Paladino, F.V., West, N.H., George, R.H. and Jones, D.R.  1999.  Heart rates and diving behaviour of leatherback sea turtles in the eastern Pacific ocean.  J. Exp. Biol.  202:1115-1125.

West, N.H., Kimmel, P., Topor, Z.L. and Evered, M.D.  1998.  The role of angiotensin in arterial blood pressure regulation in the toad Bufo marinus.  J. Exp. Biol.  201:2219-2224.

Ollenberger, G.P. and West, N.H.  1998.  Contribution of hypercapnia and trigeminal stimulation to cerebrovascular dilation during simulated diving.  Am. J. Physiol.  274:R921-R930.

Ollenberger, G.P. and West, N.H.  1998.  Distribution of regional cerebral blood flow in voluntary diving rats.  J. Exp. Biol.  201:549-558.

Ollenberger, G.P., Matte, G., Wilkinson, A.A. and West, N.H.  1998.  Relative distribution of blood flow in rats during surface and submerged swimming.  Comp. Biochem. Physiol.  119A:271-277.


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