Undergraduate Programs

The Department of Physiology, together with the Department of Pharmacology, offer undergraduate Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) degree programs. Our Physiology & Pharmacology Program integrates the knowledge within and between two biomedical science disciplines, utilizing the strengths of two departments.

A B.Sc. degree in Physiology & Pharmacology provides the strongest possible scientific basis for further training in biomedical research medicine and in a variety of health care fields. Students will develop practical and critical thinking skills necessary to analyze and integrate the ever-growing amount of information in the health sciences.

Bachelor of Science (BSc) programs

Physiology plays a crucial role in integrating environmental influences and new molecular discoveries with the function of tissues and organs, and ultimately the whole body. Pharmacology is concerned with the properties of chemical compounds, in relation to their interactions with living organisms. It provides the basis for the discovery and study of drug actions, either as therapeutic agents or as tools in physiological research.

Students majoring in Physiology & Pharmacology are positioned favorably for application to a variety of health care professional schools. If you are interested in professions such as medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, occupational therapy, veterinary medicine, pharmacy, nutrition, naturopathic medicine, nursing, chiropractic, optometry or other health-care related professions, a degree in Physiology & Pharmacology will provide a relevant study route.

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